Gash-Utils provides Guile Scheme implementations of many common POSIX utilities (there are about 40 of them, ranging in complexity from ‘false’ to ‘awk’). The utilities are designed to be capable of bootstrapping their standard GNU counterparts. Underpinning these utilities are many Scheme interfaces for manipulating files and text. One of the goals of this project is to expose these interfaces and provide Guile users with all the superpowers available to a standard POSIX shell (but with way more parens, obviously). While the utilities are able (with some difficulty) to do the bootstrapping job, the Scheme interfaces are still under development and are not ready for public use.


0.2.02022-03-12gash-utils-0.2.0.tar.gzGPG Sig.
0.1.02020-02-08gash-utils-0.1.0.tar.gzGPG Sig.


The main Git repository for this project is at