#+title: Guile-SemVer #+author: Timothy Sample #+options: toc:0 num:0 html-style:nil html-postamble:nil #+html_head: This is a [[https://www.gnu.org/software/guile/][Guile]] library that handles [[https://semver.org/][Semantic Versions]] and [[https://www.npmjs.com/][NPM]]-style [[https://github.com/npm/node-semver#ranges][ranges]]. It supports: - reading and writing Semantic Versions; - comparing Semantic Versions; - reading Semantic Version ranges; and - testing membership of Semantic Versions in ranges. * Download This project has not yet been released. * Development The main Git repository for this project is at [[https://git.ngyro.com/guile-semver]].